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I know that I let my sadness consume all the good parts that was left of me and I know I’m not the person you fell in love with. I know that. I just didn’t expect you to see me like this and cringe. I didn’t expect you to feel the hurt I had coming off of me in waves and scream. I didn’t expect you to look at me like I wasn’t there, with slumped shoulders and hollow eyes. And I tried everything to get a rise out of you so I could tell myself that even though I was getting bad again at least I had you. But you just sat there while I yelled and you replied with so much venom that I felt like it physically hurt to listen. So I looked at you and I felt my throat close up and my lips tremble when I said we couldn’t be friends anymore and I waited for you to fight for us but you just sighed and said okay. And then I started crying so hard I felt my ribs crack but all you did was slam the door as you walked out. And its been weeks but it still fucking stings.

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I’m still that boy that screwed you over freshman year. I may not be the boy who gave you your first kiss or stole your virginity then walked away like it was nothing, but I’m the one who’s been here through everything. And babe you gotta remember that I’m not gonna be the one you marry, but let’s try to make it work for the time being